SAP S/4 HANA which happens to be SAP’s latest business enterprise suite is a real time unit that leverages advanced in-memory platform SAP HANA and provides optimized business processes. With 2015 marking as the start time for this Latest SAP Business Suite, this fastest growing SAP suite is a revolution in the field of Enterprise resource planning owing to its unmatched analytical processing and application running speeds on single, in-memory platform. Unlike any other speed claims, SAP HANA’s presence actually increases the speed by a significant amount along with its potential to transform the whole business process. Here, both structured and hidden unstructured data units are grouped with details intact and are being worked on as a whole by SAP HANA. This flexible machine is backward compatible too with required customizations remaining intact even after the migration.

Computation of Efficient path traversals using real-time GPS data transmitted from thousands of vehicles and Usage of SAP HANA to process and analyze large volumes of data from the smart meter to optimize usage by companies are few amongst the many testimonials of why this is one of the most innovative technologies in the field of enterprise resource planning.

S4 HANA gives a taste of the preconfigured systems to the customers by deploying ready-to-run business processes based on best practices that can be activated.

One could operate this steadfast entity with minimal knowledge about the product, thus, adding a new dimension to this amazingly configured appliance. This user-friendly feature casts a total contrast to the stereotypical view one would have after acquainting himself with the primary characteristics of it when introduced from a technical perspective. This simplified data model with the preferred choice of deployment gives a new user experience.

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